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Chattogram Divisional Karate Academy (CDKA) is one of the top graded Government approved (Bangladesh Martial Arts Confederation) karate Academy in Bangladesh. The present CDKA started it’s journey by the hand of Sensei Sojib Uddin. By the name “Master Da Shotokan Karate Academy” with 18 trainees at Ananda Pathshala located in Halishahar the first branch was opened in 2017. Later in 2019 “Chattogram Divisional Karate Academy” (known as CDKA Bangladesh) was established with an organized form. Which includes modern karate as well as Chinese martial arts, Self-defence, etc.
Black belt holders and senior skilled trainees of Chattogram Divisional Karate Academy is actively performing as the trainer And Sensei Sojib Uddin provides regular training to all the trainers of the academy. With skilled trainers we are conducting karate training program in 21 branches with the reputation of Chattogram Divisional Karate Academy. Among them Chattogram Cantonment Public College, Halishahar Cantonment Public School & College, Gunner’s English School, CCC Hatey Khari school & college, Power Development Board High School, Housing and Settlement Public School, Ganapoort High School, Leaders School and College, Worless Colony Jhautla High School, Readers School and College, Duha International School are mentionable. Along with trainers students of all the branches are active and conscientious. So we are able to gain name and fame with our best performance in all the games.

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“The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”

Gichin Funakoshi

Chattogram Divisional karate Academy

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